BLUE MARLIN is located in Malindi (Kenya), which is essential to know the rules and behavior of tourists in this country upon your arrival

Kenya is a very hospitable country that welcomes tourists in an exceptional way. after arriving at resort, ask to our manager for all the useful information for a peaceful stay

Upon your arrival at BLUE MARLIN take possession of the apartment and check immediately if it is according to what was proposed to you. Check the equipment and cleanliness of the apartment. In the apartment there is a safe without padlock. Before storing your documents, buy your own padlock. For any misunderstanding from what you promise, please let the manager present on the spot, or your purchasing partner, immediately report any complaints if not made at the right times. At the end of the checks, make the balance of what has been agreed. The day before departure, pay the additional services or any deficiencies in the apartment.

Frequently asked questions from customers

Can you pay online?

Payment can also be made online by credit card using PAYPAL, or bank transfer, the day after arrival

How to become a VIP customer at BLUE MARLIN?

after the first stay, you are included in the BLUE MARLIN CLUB, members have advantages in choosing apartments, in using the store service and many other nice benefits

What currency do you accept in your facility?

The preferred currency is the Euro, but Kenyan shillings dollars and pounds are also accepted

How can I give my clothes for fast laundry service?

To the cleaner, you can give the clothes for the laundry, remind the urgency that you have.

do you have any attention programs for children or adults?

it is possible to request babysitters for children or personal buyers or carers for people who need them

Most frequent question - Partner

How can you become your external partner ?

if you want to become a collaborator for sending customers all you have to do is fill in the gorm contact. we will reply you soon

How can you get to work in your business ?

Ask directly at our director in a BLUE MARLIN

where is your company's headquarters?

The headquarters of the organization is in Kenya and is Kenningdon investment ltd. Our director can put you in touch with us at any time


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