Why Malindi

We prefer MALINDI. Malindi is at the center of the Kenya coast between Mombasa and Lamu two fantastic realities. Mombasa chaotic, Typically African city and with receptive architecture perhaps not perfectly in step with modern times one, small center Lamu in the north of coast, of ancient beauties, features and traditions enclosed in a few small islands and a tiny airport on land . Malindi is a European city in terms of hospitality, which understands and processes the needs of young people, families and people looking for reflections, with temperatures that help the slow progress of the years. Due to its centrality, Malindi is an excellent starting point for enjoying Africa and getting to know it. its national and soon international airport is the base of movement for safaris with the most famous fields MASAI MARA, Serengheti, amboselli, the Tsavo east and West, for guided visits to the RIF VALLEY where the largest crops of tea and caffe, where there are the great productions of cut roses in the world.A few meters from Malindi all the water sports from snorkeling in the first band of the coral reef, to diving to admire, beyond the first coral reef, up to KITE SURF with some of the best beaches for this sport in the world for example ``che chale`` !. And when it gets dark (at 18.30) Malindi changes its skin with restaurants, bars, music venues, to taste the traditional, the ethnic, and the impossible !

Equipped beaches on the Indian Ocean

A stone's throw from the Savannah

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